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Emotional driven beauty

Life is an abstraction that comes and goes, this very game is a story of a life, and a story that can be empathized by many gamers and non-gamers alike. A humble, simplistic, and original style that is missing in today’s creative landscape. Thank you developers!

Beautiful story and interactive activities... short story

Was really excited to get into this game/story. But unfortunately it was over before I could really dig in :/ story was so short.


Lovely slice of life game that incorporates touch controls in a uniquely fun way :)

Short game play

It took maybe an hour to complete - and with minimal “choice” or actual game play involved, it was a waste of money.


I love love love this game the graphics themselves are amazing and the love story is so cute and realistic i must say i did not enjoy the ending i was hoping for Florence and Krishna to get back and get married have a baby maybe...but she thats just me...

I read the reviews and it still

Wasn’t as good as playing the game yourself. You feel really connected to Florence and if you love art you’ll love everything about this. It was beautiful beyond words.

Why was this so lameeee

I accidentally purchased this and because of that I played it but it was so frustrating and stupid

The story telling is amazing, but don’t rush the game

The way you won’t enjoy the game is if you rush it, and that draws the how good it really is away from it. Enjoy the time it takes to do stuff, and just let it play out.The way you won’t enjoy the game is if you rush it, and that draws the how good it really is away from it. Enjoy the time it takes to do stuff, and just let it play out. The game is beautiful with by the moment you literally get carried away, and how you as a Asian American were academically pressured, and as another Asian American I could relate to. The call from the mother was in Mandarin Chinese also, and it’s these kinds of things that really make a game great. There are no vocals, but sound matters so much too. You live your daily, bland life repeating and the same, until you hear a cello, drawing you in and dragging you out of the habit.


This is a wonderful game it was very fun.the only problem was that it ended so quickly.i finished it in like an hour. But it was such a great app and I recommend it. Also one episode is kind of difficult and needs explaining.i had to look up the answers. But everything Else was great.

Loved it!

I loved the game and all the graphics! #florencegame2


Made me cry and want more. Inspiring,touching, and creative! I feel exactly in Florence’s shoes. Thank you so much!


The art is beautiful. The play is very predictable, much too simple and completely unchallenging. I really didn’t see a point. I was so disappointed. I haven’t played thru a 2nd time, perhaps this review may change if anything is different.


Get lost in the journey


Takes you through the daily struggles of a girl, living in an city. Although, this is just a game, it feels real, downfalls life, and rises up with a love and a lover.

This is the best game I’ve ever played on my phone.

Did you read my title?

Stimulating yet so relaxing

A refreshing angle on what is usually a stale story. The game is more than fairly priced for the experience it provides, so definitely try it at least once in your lifetime



Extraordinarily moving

I’m a 43 year old. I didn’t know what I was buying. But this is amazing. I still don’t really know what it is but the emotional connection with this game was incredible. The creativity is inspiring and the material profound and universal. I am going to have to sit and think about this one.

뭔가 기대했지만 다소 아쉬움...

신선한 방식에 대한 기대감과 다소 짧은 스토리... 너무 많은 것을 기대한 것에 대한 아쉬움...

Up to your preference.

It captivates you when you see the amazing reviews and it’s a love/life story; perfect for the consumer who wants to inflict waves of emotions for about 10-30 minutes. The artwork and the effort that is put into this game makes it worth the money since I didn’t have to buy any extensions, and rather than wasting my money on other pleasures, I’d thought I’d purchase the game just as one would go to see a movie. The storyline was predictable. It is similar to every other coming of age and love story combined into one. The true value of the game is in the detail though. While some may find it tedious or want to rush through it, they will not get the smaller details with the mini games. In summary, definitely a pleasant experience for myself since I was able to catch on to almost every small detail, however, if you are one to rush through games without realizing the purpose as to why everything happens in the order it proceeds in, then this one may not be for you. Loved it.

Basically an interactive book

Was fun but you can’t manipulate the storyline.


Easily my favorite mobile game/story of the year. Such great story telling without a lick of dialog. Bravo!

Not a gamer and loved this

Laughed and cried. Incredible how much is communicated with few or no words. If you’ve ever been in love (or not), this is worth half an hour to play.

Florence The Game

This game is so beautiful!!!! I made my cry!!!!!

The ending pull on my heart strings!

Loved the story, just sad the couple didn’t work out. The interaction to move the story along was innovative and fun. Please continue to be great!

Moving story and well done

So well done. SO well done! This story moved me and caught me by surprise in the way the graphics and interactions convey the story without words. There are not many words, but the animation, puzzles, and music tell more of a story than words could. I felt the emotions as if I was reading a book and watching a movie at the same time. I thought this would be one of those interactive, what you do is how the story goes kind of things. But, it is not. However, I was not disappointed but rather surprised and wanting more.

Different in a good way...

The developers used a crazy fun meld of low fuss visual, tactile, and musical cues to let you discover the story for yourself. Charming and well worth the reasonable price.


Beautiful and clever


This is absolutely beautiful, I love it so much. The music, art, everything. There has to be more to come though, don’t leave us with that. ❤️

Great little story!

Just don’t buy a latte today and get this instead!

Can’t Wait For More Games!!!

Full of beautiful visuals, amazing story telling, and beyond pleasant music, Florence is the pinochle of what a story based app can be. So simplistic yet so wonderfully done, I found myself coming back to the app even though I’d finished the game. It’s so satisfying to complete such a lovely game, you may just end up like me, playing it as a way to get inspired and relax even though your first play through can be emotionally driven. This is the first app by these creators, and I’m extremely excited for more story based games by them! This game was truly a labor of love, and it really shows through it all. ❤️ Thank you for one of my favorite apps

If you need a good cry. This is for you.

Still crying. It was so beautiful.

Honestly, the best artistically pleasing game i’ve ever played.

This game is so real and is beautiful at the same time. Thank you so much to everyone who made this game, and for letting readers have the opportunity to play it. ❤️❤️❤️


The only appropriate response: *loud happy screeching noises*


What an interesting and charming experience. Lovely!!!!❤️

Beautiful but painfully short

I applaud and appreciate all the thought put into this story. The graphics are beautiful, the music is just right, it’s a piece of art. The story itself is something (I believe) everyone can relate to. It’s the life cycle of relationships and how even when they end they leave us with personal growth. I felt deeply with a story that took me about 20m, and even though I knew it was going to be short I still kept hoping in a crazy way for more story development.

Wish it was longer

Amazing, beautiful, creative, unique. Florence is a must-play. I only wish it was longer! Played it with my girlfriend in a single sitting.

Beautiful charming and moving

Here is how I break down the game 5 Beautiful cinematography a delight to look out 5 Beautiful story 3 value. Way too short 4 gameplay, more tedious than anything

Phenomenal game

Didn’t know much about this game going in. Super short and a wonderful surprise.



Good game.

This is a very unique game. The story is very touching. However, I think that the game is too short and it could have had more interactions.


It was really good actually and I liked it allot but then it just ended it was really short. If your looking for some story game were you can play for a long time (THIS IS NOT THE GAME FOR YOU)

absolutely amazing!!

oh my god when i first seen this game i needed to play it and wow! i’m so glad i finally got it!! the visuals are absolutely amazing and the music is so relaxing and beautiful i wish it was longer but i’m so happy with what i played i sobbed and got really soft this is absolutely one of my favorite games by far absolutely amazing!!!

Don’t waste your money

The game starts and finishes within ten minutes and consists of puzzles and prompts a 3 year old could do.


This stunning story compliments the impeccable art. It’s beautiful!

Gorgeous. Short but worth the $$$

Lovely. Well designed. Immersive.


So cute, had me feeling happy and sad, i loved this game! I wish there was more!!

Loved it

Totally amazing the ending almost killed me though!! Graphics are great and is just over all a very loving and heartfelt story


um where’s Krish

Fantastic visual novel w/ great music

The game manages to tell a 30 minute story through creative uses of music, visuals, and easy puzzles that use the iPhones touch screen in clever ways without using text or voice over. The story is the heart of this game and was inspiring and touching. While I would have preferred a single cut without chapter breaks and some dynamic sound mixing between scenes this game is a must play for the iPhone. The music here is superb and is used very effectively and makes this a standout story. Fans of this should check out What Remains of Edith Finch.

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