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the ending sucked

Could be longer

It was cute game to play, though It was very quick- went through the whole thing in about 30minutes. Graphics and music were nice. The mini interactive parts felt a little childish. Was expecting a little more for the price of this game. Hopefully they turn it into a series and add additional storylines.


Such a beautiful little game. It’s short, taking about 45-60 minutes to complete, but the experience is well worth it. Very emotionally resonant, which is not something I can say for many games on the App Store. It’s not really a game at all either, it’s more like an interactive novel. The ways it allows you to interact with the story via the touchscreen and haptic feedback is genius. You will not regret picking up this beautiful gem.

Crying because it was simply beautiful

Part of me wish it was longer but other part of me thinks it was perfect. Interactive game that takes you through a struggle of young women that anyone can relate. Beautifully illustrated and interesting perspective of a mobile game. Definitely recommend.


Can’t believe how emotionally involved I got, beautiful interactive story.


I’m so impressed! What an amazing game I must say! It shows how hard life can be at some times, but you just have to move on. It’s worth the money and it’s animated very well. I hope there is more to come!


cutest and realest game ive played, crying at ten pm on a school night. but well done i loved the game. <3


I don’t usually write reviews. But I have to say that Florence was extremely touching and moving for me. Despite the length, it was very emotional and made me feel great while also making me cry. So thank you developers! You did a wonderful job.


I left a review within the app but just Incase it didn’t post, I wanted to leave one here. Total waste of time. And money. I was expecting way more. More puzzles, real dialogue, anything. I paid $3.00 for a game that I finished in 20 minutes. I’d honestly prefer to have my money back but I’m aware that’s not going to happen. It actually just made me feel kind of sad and lonely at the end.

Game review

The story line was real yet cut and sweet . I wish the music would change to a different genre depending on what the scene was nit the classical was fine also I found some of the interactive games hard to follow, I couldn’t figure out at times what it was asking me to do ? it took me a couple of minutes to try to understand what I need to do to maneuver through the game. Overall good job I will play again


this game is literally the cutest game ever and it’s so emotional and ahhhhh,, i love it so much and it’s so detailed and how it all correlates throughout the story,, wish it was longer it’s so friggin good


The music was absolutely breathtaking and set the mood for the scenes so well! The little details like the text bubbles gets smaller than getting complex when they fought was complete brilliance. It shows real life situations and how they impact you and it was done amazingly I highly appreciated the work that went into the story. It left me in tears and it was so worth buying it!!!

Very good, BUT too short

This game pulls heart strings as you wast ball the story of Florence and (Part) of her life. This game is good, but to me not worth the 2.99 price tag, should be a at least 2-3 hours it’s about 30-45 mins of gameplay, would want an expansion or even a second part for people who have bought the game, by letting us see Krish in life or playing his life, and seeing them both when their about 40-50 years old. But, in all it’s a good game, explores a new type of game play with an AMAZING art form and great self explained story.


Not enough interaction based on a kindergarten level... should have been free!

Bit disappointed

I would have liked if the gameplay features had some effect on how the story went. This shouldn’t be called a game. It’s a book — a book that makes you jump through hoops to get the page to turn. It’s, eh, okay... but I feel let down.


Not much to do and soooooo short 😩😩😩😩😩 The art was beautiful but i finished the game in 25 min 😭

Great fun!

What a great game ! My whole family enjoys Florence!!


The music is beautiful and the storyline compelling... thought provoking... wasn’t ready for it to end!

Make it longer

I loved the love story, it was super cute, I just wish that it becomes longer. As I paid 2.99 $ for only 10 chapters. It finishes amazing, but i feel there’s could be more things to add on. Like maybe someone else

a wonderful game

the game was fun to play and I loved every second of it but it was really short and I was hoping it would be a game that you could play over time considering the price but other than that I really enjoyed it!!!


This story was refreshing and is a universal subject that all can relate. It is poignant and touching. Please don’t stop writing these stories. They have value. It really connected me with the characters. I wish Krish the best.

Beautiful little game

Not really so much a game, but an interactive story, but what a beautiful story it is!!! I love how certain elements that you help create follow you throughout the game.

To short!

Way to short of a game for the money. No control of the outcome. Lame game.




i bawled my eyes out and had my heart ripped from my chest... but it’s beautiful and i’m mad that i can’t hate it.


It was very nicely done and drew me into the story but ended so quickly and I feel like my choices didn’t really have an influence on the story like I expected.

Way too short

I loved the concept and music. Great storyline but I finished the whole game in like 30 minutes. Not much replay value either. So I dunno if it was worth it.

Very sweet

Think of it as a graphic novel with interactive elements, not a “game” per se. I enjoyed it!

Too real and beautiful for words

*sobbing* (still)


This is one of the most innovative creations I have ever come across in the App Store and in life. The amazing illustrations, creative music, deep emotions, intentional interaction & all the thought behind this project is absolutely wonderful. I am a big fan. Please keep creating!

Loved it but...

I really really loved this game. I’m into romance and some drama so this was perfect for me! The game design, the music, the story line was great. However the game had a complete turn. Don’t want to spoil anything but the ending came very abruptly, like it seemed to be just the start of everything. Maybe if it was like a comic that came out in installments?? Anyways, amazing and beautiful game but it only took about 30 mins to complete


Kinda mad it left off where it did tho.

Great Story

Honestly I just wished it could be longer - it’s a really nice “game” for people who’s in need of a push forward :))

If only

I struggle to leave out spoilers, but I wish the loose ends could’ve been tied up by the end.

Florence Is Simplistically Gorgeous

Don’t rush your play through. Focus on the art, music, and overall meaning behind this wonderful game. Very point/click oriented but does not take away from the gem that is Florence.

Pure magic

It was the first time I felt like this by playing a game. Can’t wait for the next story 🙏


Fantastic game- it was beautiful!

Adorable and relatable

Loved the style of interaction. Made me a bit misty eyed reflecting on my own mid twenties. Great quick game with heart.

This transcends gaming into art

First let me say if you believe that a game can transcend into art and are willing to be swept away into a narrative that’s emotional, thoughtfully executed, and immersive, then you will like this game. This is not a challenging video game per se, but more of an interactive story. I learned things about myself through playing, though I’m sure that certainly won’t be everyone’s experience. The game is short, but every part of it was very well thought out and the game at no point feels like it’s dragging, so I do not see this as a con. I personally highly recommend this game.

5 but 4

4/5 because I want the story to keep going. Great art, music and storyline. But for real it was pretty short

Cute little story...

This is purely an art form. It’s a short little dialogue with beautiful music and artistry for the pure at heart. This isn’t some hardcore game or 60 hour experience. For $3, it was worth it to me.

Don’t Pay

A) this is not a “game” B) I finished in under 30 minutes and it literally rolled credits so now I’ll delete it I guess ? C) I might as well thrown $3 out the window and watched it fly away lol


really beautiful artwork and music, i wish that instead of drifting they got couples therapy and preservered and got married and had cute lil babies and a cute lil family and awhwhehhh i’m sad i almost shed a tear when i had to let her move on i kept on trying to stop her ;-; overall really cute and beautiful and i want a part 2 please and thankyou

Moving and leaves a lingering impression

Yes, I, like all the other reviewers wish it was longer. But it’s deceivingly simplistic and clearly a lot of thought was put into the designs. It’s less of a game and more of a virtual graphic novel. I felt like I knew the characters by the end of the 15 minutes it took to go through the whole thing. Ultimately, it’s Florence’s journey, and it’s told from her point of view, so it may appeal more to a female demographic.

Lovely game with the perfect name

I am also named Florence! It was a thrill when I discovered this game, and a lovely surprise to find that I truly enjoyed the experience, as well.


Do you know those moments where you played or watched something and you felt compelled to let everyone know about how good it is? This is that moment for me; this is that game for me. Finished it rather quickly (about an hour), yet I was captivated into the story. Beautiful game.


I loved this game so much! I vote they make another game, the design was so cute and simple, and the story was amazing. 10/10.

Lovely but short

It’s a beautiful game but too short and there’s not enough context, like really they got bored and broke up?

Wish there was more

This is such an adorable game the only problem was I wish there was more such as what her life might be afterwards or if she’ll ever be in another relationship

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