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The ending

No spoilers obviously, but what the hell is that ending? I mean it was a magical experience but there was zero payoff. I watched and was like wait... that’s it? It was short, but it felt like it ran out of budget and needed a quicker ending. So... make a sequel!

Was good

It was a great story, but was shorter then I thought. I feel that it was a bit over priced for what the app was. Other than that is was great.

Wonderful, emotion, creative and brilliant!

More an interactive story then a game, Florence manages to surprise and delight. The team at Mountains are so smart in their used of interaction with the story telling to convey so much emotion without a single word. The sound and music are spot on, the story beautiful, heartbreaking and relatable. The only complaint I have about this game is simply that there isn’t more of it. I will look forward to what this team works on next. Please do yourself a favor, download this game, put on some headphones and spend some time getting to know Florence.

A Review worth reading

I know, “is it worth buying?” I would say yes. I’m the kind of person who has anxiety and lots of stress, and I’ve been looking for an app that will relieve it. I’ve looked at games that google told me to try, and even apps with the word calm in the title, but they’ve all been a waste of time and-or money. This app wasn’t recommended as a “calming app” but it soothes me 100 percent. From the INCREDIBLE music to the beautiful art, it is money worth spent, because once I clicked on the app for the first time, I knew I would play it over and over, until my brain had literally done yoga. So yes, it’s a good investment 100%.


This game deserves every award out there. It is so creative and beautiful, and the music is extraordinary. I’ve replayed this game many times so far.

The best experience I’ve had with an iPhone in 10 years

This made my something in my chest expand. This is beautiful and everyone involved ought to be proud of what they’ve created.

Great game!

Very smooth. But the app crashed couple times..

Mesmerizing !!

What a story. What an experience. How could art and music and story than seem so “simple” a first blush be so moving? Do know this is NOT a game but an interactive emotional journey. You gotta get this .........

Too pricy

The game was great but it was wayyyy to short to be this much money

Beautiful but short

To start off, I LOVED this visual novel. it pulled my heartstrings unlike any other game!!...but it was short, like, REALLY short. I say it was worth it but I would give it five stars if it was longer.

This game is such a waste

I bought this app and was so excited to use it. I launched the app and it crashed. I powered off my phone and turned it back on. It still crashed. I deleted half of my photos hoping that would allow space for the app. The app crashed again. I deleted the app numerous times and redone loaded it praying it would work. Guess what? Big surprise (be careful this turn of events might just knock your socks off) IT CRASHED. such a waste of my time and money. If you are debating wether or not to buy this app, don’t. I hate it and it doesn’t work. I am sick and tired and all I want to do is relax and get lost in my phone but now I can’t because this dumb, money stealing app has me scrambling for reasons of why this app won’t work.

Fleeting beauty

This was a beautiful game... but it’s not something that can be played again with the same enthusiasm as the first time. It is incredibly short so it’s not exactly a good time killer, also, it didn’t feel like a game. It felt like the indie version of a visual novel. The art and colors were wonderfully pleasing, but I personally think that this project would have been better if it had been presented as a short animated film. Worth the play if you have the extra money, but not worth buying if you are looking for something to keep you occupied.

This amazing game

I loved this game so many times it’s so much fun to play and I really like it but I was thinking if you guys could make a another Florence or like something similar to it and yes you loved so much it’s so interesting Florence 2 please I love it so much Claire Ross

Dear mom

The girl sadly does not end with the guy because the mom had to ruin her dream to have a family

Standout and Fun

This interactive story/game has fun mechanics and amazing style.


The graphics are great but for almost $4 I would expect more I was waiting to buy this and I just got a I tunes card I am very disappointed because there was not enough decisions or chapters.

Not really a game

This is more of a coming of age story not really a game. I guess my expectation was that this was more of a puzzle game but there is nothing you really can do to change the outcome or have to solve. It is interactive in the sense that you tap tp eat, cook, brush teeth but to call this a game is generous. It is a story that you have some participation in but no choice.

A must have

This is the best game that I’ve ever played. Made me so happy/broke my heart/gave me hope. It’s so beautiful


The music is good but it is too depressing. Turn it off.


the graphics & music are calming, and the storyline is relieving. overall beautiful game.

Short, But Beautiful!

Florence is an intimate story about personal relationships and finding yourself that’s told mostly through visuals. Simple visuals and a minimal soundtrack make this a must-own!

Painfully and beautifully real

This game reaches out and grabs your soul. It asks you to engage on a deeply human level, and reminds you that you can be okay, even when you aren't. Thank you for making this.


The best money spent so far in this store. The simple emotional journey these creators took me through is something I will forever cherish. The art design and the music kept me glued to this “game”. I only wish it was longer. I informed my boyfriend as well to buy this game, as a reminder for him to keep following his dreams to become a writer. Thank you.

😢Desperately needs

^An update^, love this game but had to offload this app since it was taking so much MB of storage on my iPhone . This game needs a update, hints, cheats etc, could not finish the game because of errors or game issues. Would love to see a new update FLORENCE app icon logo and new MESSAGING stickers PLEASE 😢😘

Florence’s Reality

I always look for any new games by Annapurna because each are unusual, obviously thought provoking, beautifully put together, and the creators always know how to end the game to leave you wanting more. Florence and her reality of life throughout the game was definitely unusual, and though the game doesn’t have glass shards being blown up or little strange creatures trying to eat you, it was a bold, fun, addicting, and refreshing change of pace!

Love love love

Enjoyed this very much. Felt every emotion along the way. Beautiful story


A game that encourage to meditate, execlent!!!!!


This game is so lovely! I bought it to play with my boyfriend of almost 3 years. We just moved states together to go back to school and pursue our passions. We loved this game and it’s light illustrations right up until we were both crying into our wine. So lovely! What a true story and honestly so well made. Glad she found her love!


This game was indeed very short, but I loved the music and art style and overall story! But a bit to short... I have to say it was to easy for older kids, this is a suggestion maybe have a choice or two like a story that you can change the ending to! But great, and just great!

Not a game and much different than expected.

Cute and short 20-25 minute graphic novel, interactive story geared for adults but this is definitely not a game by any measure. I actually enjoyed the music more than anything. Love the cello, piano, and violin composition. Found the story flawed, it started out on a good cadence but then seemed rushed to finish without any real conclusion. It wasn’t even open-ended for something later or open to interpretation. Definitely feels more like a game-designers pet project than anything.

I’m amazed

Please whoever made this game, the graphics, the music, the whole of it.. everything . Please make more games like these ... More of this beauty . It’s breathtaking .


$2 for a 20 min story with no conclusion? WOW


this isn’t a game. this is purely art disguised by puzzles.


I recommend this to anyone who doesn’t want or like to play long and sometimes even boring games. This game might be a bit too short for some but it is extraordinary to others and if you choose to play it you won’t regret a thing!!!!


Clever, quirky, and enjoyable. A few of the sequences were particularly effective in relating an emotion to the player.

Not worth the money.

Almost certainly should be a free game. The animation and music are wonderful, but it’s essentially a basic love story with no actual game involved. Great to experience but not worth the cash.

Good but...

It is a good game the first time that you play it but there needs to be more stages in her life like what happens to her after? More chapters are definitely needed. After I played it through the first time it got boring the second time and now I don’t ever play it. Also there needs to be more puzzles and the ones there are need to be harder. In conclusion there needs to be more added continuously in order for the game to be more fun.

So charming, but so short!

I want more of her life! I want more of his life! I think a sequel needs to be made with him as the star. I also would love a longer story line. But it beautifully summarizes real life and how you look at it- positively or negatively. Well done, Annapurna.

Simply beautiful interactions within a story.

I enjoyed how such simple interactions can be used to tell such a story. Everything about this was wonderful, however I felt a bit down after playing it because of the high level of engagement during a not so pleasant event. But this is a story, and not all stories end the same. Thank you to the team for creating such a game and I can’t wait for the next!


This game was very fun and almost therapeutic, but very expensive for just an hour of play.


I’m not sure what I expected when I decided to purchase this game, but I was blown away by the beautiful and seamless animation. The UI/UX (user interface/user experience) is spot on. I never felt lost on where to click or scroll next. The story is just as fantastic. What a beautiful game for a relaxing Sunday!

Ken Wong has done it again.

One of the most moving pieces of media of the last few years.


I love the game, but it’s really short for how much I payed for it🙂

Too short

I love this game so much and the graphics are great but it needs more challenging puzzles and definitely needs to be longer plz add an update!

Takes you up and down

This is more of a graphic novel than a game but I enjoyed how it takes you up and down. I could definitely say that they can make it stronger by adding more depth and details into sequences. Would love to see a lengthier version and also +18 version of these!

Great storytelling

This interactive experience drives points home with unexpected and elegant clarity. The way the pacing and difficulty corresponds to the characters and story is really well delivered. There are almost no written words throughout the story, but the music and animation deliver everything necessary to create some surprising depth.


This game lifted me sky high and broke my heart HARD - the ending was awesome. This beats the pants off of any visual novel ever - Katawa Shoujo can eat its heart out (no pun intended) - an absolute must buy.

Another beautiful app from Annapurna Interactive

Much closer to a graphic novel than a game, but it uses the game-like elements in interesting ways that help you empathize with the character.


Simply amazing, beautiful, engaging, inspiring, clever, and creative. This game feels like a gift.


This game personally struck a chord with me stylistically and in terms of its story. Definitely worth your time.

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